Explore how to use Trickster to accelerate your projects. If you’re new to Trickster, check out the Overview and the Gettting Started.


Get a high-level introduction to Trickster.


Try Trickster with Docker Compose and minimal setup.

Getting Started

The following articles cover getting up and running with Trickster.


The following articles cover queries with Trickster.


What can your user do with your project?


The following articles exlpain how Trickster leverages caching.


The following articles exlpain how Trickster works with origins.

Load Balancers

The following articles provide information on application load balancers and health checks.

Tracing and Metrics

The following articles cover tracing and metrics in Trickster.

Customizing Trickster

The following articles cover customizing and extending Trickster.

Release Info

Here you can find information on the latest Trickster updates and our plans going forward.

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